our story

Our dream is simple: to create snacks that are as exciting and flavorful as they are healthy. That dream led us to form Balance corp. Here, we’ve assembled a variety of tasty, nutritious options, all designed to bring joy to your taste buds without compromising on nutrition. Gone are the days of choosing between fun and health.With Balance, we’re ensuring that every snack time is a celebration of good taste and good health.

Crafting a snack revolution
took us five exciting years,

A journey of over a hundred trials in our relentless quest for flavor perfection. At MUNCHHH, we dreamt of a snack that would set the new standard— where every munch is a tribute to taste without the compromise of nutrition. We flipped the script on traditional snacking by maxing out on proteins and fibers, minimizing carbs, all to create a snack that’s as bold and rebellious as our dreams.
From a tiny idea to a nationwide sensation, we’re more than just a snack; we’re a movement. Join us as we take the snacking experience to an exhilarating new level, fueled by passion and the power of a dream turned reality