why munchhh?

We’re bringing the joy back to your munch moments with a bold twist. No more guilt nibbling on the side—MUNCHHH is all about that full-flavored satisfaction coupled with a health kick. With only 100-110 calories, each crunch packs a protein punch of 5g and a fiber boost of 2g. Savor the flavor explosion that dances with every crunch and bites without the side of regret. Embrace your cravings, for they are not a sin but a celebration of taste and health intertwined.

it’s the snack that doesn’t just fill ; it fulfills.
Go ahead, it’s time to snack smart and love every bite—right here, right now!


Because our snack hits the sweet spot of guilt-free pleasure and nutritional value. It’s not just satisfying; it’s a nutrient-rich choice that can double as a light meal. Enjoy the freedom of snacking without compromise, where every bite is as pleasurable as it is healthy.
MUNCHHH is crafted with natural ingredients like corn, rice, gluten, and natural fibers, offering a wholesome plant-based alternative for snacking.
High-quality gluten serves as a protein source, while natural plant-based dietary fiber enriches each bite, making it a nourishing and healthy snack.

Carefully balanced for a satisfying yet mindful snack, it’s a tasty option that won’t weigh you down.

NO BAD STUFFdrop-org-R
We ensure our snacks contain no preserva?ves, MSG, or harmful chemicals. While some flavors include flavor enhancers, they serve to enrich the snack’s natural taste without compromising on health


What is munchhh ?drop-yellow-R

MUNCHHH is not just a snack; it’s a new generation of snacking. We’ve redefined snacking by
blending flavor, fun, and nutrition into every bite. Our snacks offer high protein, fiber, and bold
flavors without sacrificing taste. Join the movement that’s changing the way we snack.

What is balanced snack ?drop-yellow-R

A balanced snack means enjoying all the goodness of a well-rounded meal in a fun, flavorful
snack. Packed with protein and fiber, it’s the perfect on-the-go solution for guilt-free snacking
that delivers both nourishment and pleasure.

Why this size ?drop-yellow-R

Our 22g size ensures you get a satisfying snack while leaving you craving more later.

Gluten good for you ?drop-yellow-R

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, and we include it in MUNCHHH for its protein content. While
it’s beneficial for most people as a protein source, those with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease
should avoid it.

Can children consume munchhh ?drop-yellow-R

MUNCHHH is suitable for children, but parental guidance is advised.

Is munchhh vegan ?drop-yellow-R

Some flavors are vegan; others are vegetarian.

Where do you ship ?drop-yellow-R

We ship globally, ensuring everyone can enjoy MUNCHHH.

What makes MUNCHHH different from other snacks ?drop-yellow-R

MUNCHHH combines bold, exci4ng
flavors with high nutri4onal value. Our snacks are designed to be healthy without compromising
on taste, making them a new norm in snacking.

How do I place an order ?drop-yellow-R

You can order through any of our online channels. Visit our website
or contact us directly.

What is the price of MUNCHHH snacks ?drop-yellow-R

A 6-pack box is priced at $6 ($1 per pack).